A Bunch More Deets Released on an Upcoming Controversial Remake

Many die-hard fans of Troma have been worried about their new strange desire to become big-time, big-shot, big-budget, big-wallet money seekers. Hey… Even I’m a little bit concerned. Deep down… I really HATE remakes… HATE them. Are there some good ones? Yeah, but did we ever ask for them? NO.

Within the last year or so, Lloyd Kaufman(President and Co-Founder of Troma Inc.) sold the remake rights to Charles(Lloyd’s brother) Kaufman’s 1984 cult classic, “Mother’s Day”. THAT film, no fans really mind being re-made. It’s not THE film that Troma is known for by any means, plus it was sold to a formerly independent company(which quickly lost its pride when “Saw” had become more mainstream and popular than they had expected), Twisted Pictures. The “Mother’s Day” remake was directed by Twisted Pictures’ Darren Lynn Bousman with an estimated budget of $11 Million(According to Wikipedia). He had previously directed their cult classic, “Repo” and various “Saw” sequels. From clips that I’ve seen of this remake, it appears to be very different from the original(Which may be a good thing to some). I see this film being something different and it may bring the original ’84 classic out of the pit!

BUT NOW… The fans are pissed. It was announced near production of the “Mother’s day” remake that the remake rights to the original “Toxic Avenger” were SOLD. For months, fans wondered what exactly happened. In Lloyd Kaufman’s books he talks about his hatred for the studio system, so why would he encourage them to keep ruining horror movies? Money. Don’t be fooled however! Certain fans(like myself) have accepted this choice and look forward to more coming both from Troma, AND from the companies that may possibly ruin their classic films to appeal to today’s youth(Also like myself, except with bad taste in movies). In this past month(estimating here) a link was posted on Troma’s home page that explains A LOT, even though all it really does is gives a bunch of producers’ names and successes. If you didn’t read the link(which you really really should) just know that Steve Pink, director of the absolutely hilarious 2010 film, “Hot Tub Time Machine”(although very mainstream, STILL a hilarious and good-feeling film for ALL) is planned to be directing the “Toxic Avenger” remake. Hey… odds are Melvin will be played by John Cusack. Whaddya wanna bet? Rights for the other 3 films, “Part 2″, “The Last Temptation of Toxie”, and “Citizen Toxie”(my personal favorite) have also been sold.

Leave comments and tell me your thoughts! I’ll be sure to respond every once in a while! In the meantime, read Lloyd Kaufman’s recent blog post on why he means only the best for selling the rights to “The Toxic Avenger”.

-Max Hey

Posted on 23 November, 2010

4 thoughts on “A Bunch More Deets Released on an Upcoming Controversial Remake

  1. Devin

    Wow, I’m speechless. although I will have to see the re-make of mother’s Day (loved Repo, brilliantly directed film), I have no interest in a Toxic re-make especially if it’s from the director of Hot Tub Time Machine, what a over-rated piece of trash that was, I didn’t even smile once during that film, making it an extremely ineffective comedy. The thing that made Toxic Avenger so funny was that it wasn’t trying to be funny, it’s just campy in so many ways because of the budget and production. If it’s forced to be funny, I see it as probably massively failing. I’m tired of re-makes, why not just make a part 5, and have that guy direct it, wouldn’t that make more sense? Rather than ruining a classic for a new generation that will never bother to appreciate the original for what it was: a camp-tastic masterpiece! Great to hear this bit of news though, thanks Max!

  2. Max Hey Post author

    Very true! Lloyd Kaufman actually said on his blog that Troma hasn’t been doing too well lately, and the reason he sold the rights was because they plan to use the money on The Toxic Avenger Part 5. So I’m happy to know that THEY will keep their movies going… It DOES upset me that Troma won’t be as “underground” anymore… and all the movies I’ve been trying to get my friends into will be in Blockbuster and they’ll be asking ME if I’ve ever heard of ‘em. lol

  3. Savini1979

    To be honest i think the ” Mothers Day ” remake looks pretty good from clips & pics ive seen but how can they remake Toxic Avenger , it will be stupid , just cant make films like that anymore , even though its not one of my fave films , the campyness of the 80s cannot be replicated these days (FACT)
    Cheers for the info Max

  4. Max Hey Post author

    That is very true. There’s no way they can replicate it. But I still would be interested in seeing a take on the story

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