Throwback Horror at its Throwback-iest!

Very rarely does a fellow Youtube reviewer like us at TheHouseofHorror, direct his/her own feature film. Many have come close to trying (*cough *cough) but barely any succeeded. Cameron McCasland is an experienced film maker with a large list of TV Shows and Music Videos to back his resume up. His Youtube channel revolves mostly around movies that inspire him, and of course giving friendly advice to aspiring film makers.

Dr. Gangrene’s Dreadful HallowGreen Special(a Halloween short, spun from the TV program produced by McCasland) was his most recent release, which aired in numerous cities around the country.

Unfortunately, not much information has been released regarding his recent feature. It is entitled The Lashman and seems to have a throwback style/premise. I personally look forward to seeing this film. I know Cameron McCasland has an amazing talent in film making and knows the ins and outs of the business(the ones that I certainly DO NOT know).  What exactly is The Lashman about? The world may never know! Based on the title and teaser trailer, it may have some sort of racism/civil rights background. Give me your thoughts!

The Lashman is expected to premiere later this year.

-Max Hey, 2/24/11

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