Heartless (2009)

Director:  Philip Ridley

Writer: Philip Ridley

Cast: Jim Sturgess, Clémence Poésy, Joseph Mawle, & Noel Clarke

Rated: NR

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Heartless is another “hoodie horror” from 2009.  This film is a return to directing for Philip Ridley.  Apparently he had not directed a film in 15 years.   I thought this one was interesting but convoluted at times.  A lot of ideas and concepts are squeezed into the 114 minute runtime.

This one focuses on Jamie who has been outcast from birth because of a heart-shaped birthmark over much of his face.  Jamie sees demons donning hoodies in the streets of London.  His mother passes away and he is forced to care for himself after a life of coddling.  Jamie meets a gentleman named Papa B who makes Jamie’s dream come true….to have his birthmark removed and live a normal life.

Well as expected things do not go as planned.  He is forced to pay back the favor bestowed on him by killing specific people, cutting out their hearts, and placing the on the church steps.  Throughout this whole process he falls in love with a young lady and he seems quite happy.   Jamie is forced to choose between his new found love and providing hearts for the bloodthirsty Papa B.

All in all I would say that this was a very entertaining movie.  The main drawback to me is the CGI demon faces on the hooded kids.  This is absolutely horrible.  Some of the worst I had seen in recent years and it really took me out of the movie.   With that being said I really liked the development of the characters in the film.  You can actually feel Jamie’s pain.  The relationship between him and his deceased father was particularly gut-wrenching.   The heart of the film centers around lessons learned and love lost.   Get ready for many twists and turns along the way.

Recommended for a rental


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