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New Trailer for Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO [Video]

The Green Inferno trailerWhen it comes to the horror world, the name Eli Roth can spark either a lot of passion or a lot of loathing. I personally am a big fan of his work. Whether you like what the guy does or not one thing is for sure, he is constantly keeping the horror industry churning with buzz. His latest work, his first directed feature since 2007′s Hostel: Part II, looks certain to get horror fans going as well. The Green Inferno, which many horror fans will recall as the title of the documentary film within the controversial Cannibal Holocaust, takes us into the Amazon where our main characters are not met with welcome. On the surface is does look heavily influenced by Cannibal Holocaust, one of Roth’s favorite films, but I’m also hoping it will have many surprises in store and get horror fans buzzing about something again. You can make your own predictions by checking out the trailer for yourself!

New RED BAND Trailer for Stage Fright! [Video]

The new red band trailer as well as the poster for Stage Fright has been released yesterday (yeah, I’m a little late on on this one), and they both look awesome! The upcoming horror-musical stars Minnie Driver and, who’s that, Meat Loaf? You bet your ass Meat Loaf. The film is set for an April 3, 2014 on-demand/digital release here in the US and will hit theaters on May 9th. The film will also have SXSW screenings this year as well.

stage fright poster

New trailer for The Lashman is here! [Video]

Finally! After years of anticipation, we finally have a new trailer for fellow YouTuber Cameron McCastland‘s film The Lashman. Many YouTubers, myself included, got news of the trailer through Shawn C. Phillips’ (otherwise known as coolduder) channel. Shawn, who also stars in the film, made the announcement via once of his trademark shopping videos. The news is exciting, and from the looks of the trailer, we’re in for a good throwback style treat.

Ti West’s The Sacrament RED BAND trailer is here! [Video]

The much anticipated Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers) horror thriller has graced us with a new red band trailer (check it out below). From the looks of it, we are in for a cult-induced thrill ride. Some early reviews are sounding promising, and personally the trailer has me excited about this one. The film is set for a May 1st, 2014 release here in the U.S.

First 6 minutes of the ‘Maniac’ remake starring Elijah Wood released! [Video]

Maniac 2013 starring Elijah Wood

I have to first start this post with a confession: I have not seen the original 1980 film Maniac. I know, I should be ashamed as a horror fan. And while remakes always have mixed reactions (mostly negative), especially by the horror community, I do have to admit after seeing the first 6 minutes of the remake of Maniac which Warner Bros. released this week, I am incredibly excited. I do intend on watching the original, but I honestly have to say that just from the look of this opening sequence that this movie has potential to be one of the better remakes. I’m definitely getting an 80s vibe, and it has sort of a Drive kind of feeling to it which I love. Elijah Wood might seem like an unlikely choice to some, but the actor has proven himself in my opinion and just from this short clip I can tell he’s not going to disappoint. Check out the clip below.

No definite wide release date for the US could be found at the time of this writing, but being that it’s had some international releases and a few festival runs, I would think we can expect to see it sometime early 2013. The film is produced by Alex Aja, no stranger to horror remakes, and also stars Nora Arnazeder and America Olivio.