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Coffin Rock (2009)

Coffin Rock (2009)

Director: Rupert Glasson
Writer: Rupert Glasson
Cast: Lisa Chappell, Sam Parsonson, Robert Taylor
Rated: not rated
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Be careful what you wish for…

The DVD box cover reads “from the producer of Wolf Creek”. This film is nothing you have not seen before but I think that the superb acting and beautiful Australian scenery turns this indie into an interesting and entertaining thriller.

The film follows Rob and Jessie Willis, a couple that has been trying to conceive a child for quite some time. A young man named Evan (Parsonson) becomes infatuated with Jessie and follows them home from a fertility clinic. He moves to their town and proceeds to stalk and terrorize her and her friends and family. As it progresses we see his character unravel from innocent family friend to psycho.

I did not really enjoy ‘Wolf Creek’ very much just because I do not generally care for torture films so I was immediately put off when I read the cover of this one. Even though there is only a handful of memorable films I can think of, I do enjoy Australian horror. The beauty of the Australian landscape is for sure one of the biggest draws of the film. This one was filmed in Adelaide in the southern part of the country. Also Sam Parsonson’s performance was terrific and stole the show in my opinion. I truly believed he was a nutcase! There is one particular scene that I’m sure people will mention that involves a baby kangaroo. One thing I did not like about the film was some scenes appeared very dark it was sometimes hard to see what was going on. This is reminiscent of some of the recent American horror remakes. The film also did drag a little in the middle but that is sometimes expected in a somewhat slow burning thriller like this one. I would recommend this one to most horror/thriller fans but keep in mind that it does has a polished, mainstream look so keep that in mind.